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    I am Thomas Lennon

    2015 · Composer · Songwriter · Music Design
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    Crazy about making music

    2015 · Composer · Songwriter · Music Design
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    Sharing My Music

    2015 · Composer · Songwriter · Music Design

About Me.

I used to do some songwriting but focused on other things in life. I am now in a place where I will be doing more music so prepare for more sounds coming your way!

Feel free to follow me on the social platforms, ask any questions, provide any feedback or constructive criticism!

About me

Motivated songwriter with big ideas

Thomas Lennon

Singer Songwriter

I have loved music since I existed. I have always been keen to learn instruments, played in a few bands and started recording my own content around the age of 17.


What I hope to achieve

I am now working a lot in Digital Production at home. I am testing out many different types of sounds and trialing different software etc. I hope to have a full unique sound to my name over the next year.


What I am using

I'm currently using a M-Audio Keystation Midi Keyboard, a full size Yamaha keyboard along with my computer. That's all for now.



Done So Far



So Far


Of instruments tested

To Work With



And Counting

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